Kuh-nip | mobile loyalty platform

We believe in creating lasting relationships between customers and brands with the smartphone. Smartphones are within an arm's length 24/7.

This is about our easy-access, white label loyalty solution. Read below to learn about add-ons and other customized solutions.

App-driven by the fun of collecting
- boosts buzz around your loyalty program and increases visibility
- differentiates your brand from competitors

High engagement (smartphone environment)

Low participation threshold

Sign-up & have customers create their profile (opt-in)
- for further marketing activities
- to expand your loyalty activities

SME (MKB) compatible
- reasonable costs
- positive customer return
- per campaign deployable

Can already be put into action from 'stamp card' level

'White labelled' so fully adaptable to your brand's identity and requirements


Collect by: code, scanner, location
- scanner native to app; no additional download required
- location: maps integration; POI detection (indoors)


Convert and administer loyalty credits

Communicate specific offers and rebates


- create profile
- change password

Customized solutions
Next to the easy-access, white label solution we can offer any desired add-on, like for example additional pages with promotional offers. Furthermore we can develop custom made solutions, either built on the fundaments of the white label solution or a fully customized platform.

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